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Designed to keep young people safe during after-school hours, our lounge serves as the hub for all our afterschool programming, including the SkillBuilders Initiative, Academic Initiative, and Creative Catalyst Initiative. It offers a secure environment where youth can learn and practice essential skills in a real-life setting.

The Activity Lounge is not only a place for building friendships but also for fostering positive interactions, and honing talents once our groups conclude. Here, young individuals have the opportunity to engage in enriching activities, explore new interests, and develop valuable life skills, all under the guidance of supportive mentors. 


SkillBuilders Initiative

Our Life skills program empowers the youth of Kansas to continually cultivate and apply new skills, nurturing them into future leaders who make meaningful contributions to our community. We prioritize the development of essential soft skills and transferable skills that prepare young individuals for life transitions and challenges. Through interactive group activities and hands-on experiences, participants learn to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, solve problems creatively, and adapt to change. By fostering resilience, empathy and leadership qualities, we equip young people with the tools needed to thrive personally and professionally, ensuring they emerge as confident and capable contributors to society.


Academic Boost Initiative

Our tutoring program in Wichita, Kansas provides comprehensive K-12 support in all subjects, with a special focus on increasing the success rate for marginalized youth. By offering tailored academic assistance and mentorship, we empower young individuals to enhance their academic skills, foster confidence, maintain school attendance, and successfully graduate. Through personalized support and guidance, we aim to break down barriers to education and create pathways to success for all students, especially those facing systemic challenges.


Creative Catalysts Initiative

Our Media Monday program addresses the challenges and opportunities posed by the increasing prevalence of technology. Additionally, the program offers young individuals' exposure to local entrepreneurs, providing insight into their journeys and demonstrating how media can be utilized effectively in entrepreneurship. Through engaging sessions, participants not only learn about responsible media usage but also gain valuable insights on leveraging media platforms for business success.

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