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Equity Initiative's work is grounded in a fundamental belief that positive youth-adult connections are pivotal to young people's success.  The young people we serve today will grow into the adults who shape the future of our neighborhoods. Supporting our youth in becoming self-reliant and productive members of the community is a responsibility we all share. 

We value our


Respect, Empathy, Community & Teamwork, Innovation, People & Wellness, Equity & Inclusion.

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We root ourselves in our shared humanity and treat each other with kindness and compassion. We're at our best when we honor the equal dignity and worth of all people--even in the face of conflict.



We strive to recognize and understand the perspectives, feelings and lived experiences of others, including and especially those most different from ourselves, and give one another grace.


Communtiy & Teamwork

We value the transformative impact of collaboration. By working together, fostering open communication, furthering understanding, and building caring and supportive environments, we can achieve something bigger than we could alone.



We move quickly and continuously to innovate our approach in response to the needs of the young people we work with and the community we are part of.


People & Wellness

We believe in the limitless potential of people and choose to invest in them as future leaders of our communities. We foster safe spaces that enhance the social, emotional and physical well being of young people, while also making our community a safer place to live.

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Equity & Inclusion

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their full potential, and that our community is stronger when they are full of opportunities for people with diverse identities, backgrounds and perspectives. We prioritize action over intention and are working every day to make our communities more equitable and inclusive.

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