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Working in schools, community settings and at our Activity Lounge (1608 E. Waterman st. Wichita, Kansas 67211), we provide resources and positive life skill service to over 150 youth per year.

The Equity Initiative is a joint effort of youth, families, and community partners that seek to provide resources, positive youth exposure, and a safe space for self-development.

Check out our activity calendar to see what's happening this week!


We serve middle school, high school, and young adults up to the age 18!

The Equity Initiative recognizes that, when resources are not easily accessible it creates a barrier against opportunity and achievement for young people.

All of our services are centered around
life skills that influence the 6 C's for positive youth development approach:

Competence, Confidence, Character, Caring, Connection, and Contribution.

Equity Initiative believes in being a guide for youth in the community. Equity initiative connects youth with service providers who have a comprehensive understanding of distinctive challenges and needs of expectant and parenting youth to be able to best serve them and their children. Equity Initiative matches Pregnant & Parenting teens with mentors who share similar stories, in efforts to build a community of support for the young parents we serve. Participation in our program will equip these young families with tools and knowledge to better support and raise their child.


Positive view of one’s skills and abilities, including social, academic, cognitive, personal, and vocational and how to use them effectively. (Strength-based, setting person goals for improvement)


A sense of sympathy and empathy for others, tolerance and acceptance. (Learning to ask open-ended questions to allow the continued expression of feelings. Learn to name feelings, practice social skills)


The internal sense of overall positive self-worth, identity, and belief in the future. (Invite young people to dream about the future, offering support in setting short and long-term goals to plan for the dream, praise effort and improvement, weekly meetings.)


Positive bonds with people and community, that provide a sense of structure, safety, and belonging. (Activity lounge allow youth to connection, build social skills, and apply learned skills through interaction and service projects.


Recognition of societal and cultural rules, a sense of responsibility and accountability for one’s actions, personal values and principles, spirituality, and integrity. (Learn about cultures, traditions, and values, in order to respect them Talk about fulfilling responsibilities in their life, role model positive behavior, and have peer-to-peer discussions.)


Active participation in activities and issues. Develop and use leadership skills. (Encourage participation, the development of leadership skills, invite participation in Youth council to continue the development of leadership skills while making a difference in one’s community.

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